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BlackRock World Mining excels in Birchs absence - Mechanics Thunder Bay

BlackRock World Mining excels in Birchs absence


It is interesting however that for any given country both flood and drought risk are present, albeit to varying degrees. Provides normalised key water indicators that can be visualised and compared at asset, company and country level. Skarn has developed a novel methodology to analyse and benchmark physical water use and water-risk exposure on ESG and mine production.


SFA realises cost synergies for PGM clients across company operations to help raise margins and improve production efficiency benchmarks. SFA has significant experience in reviewing mine business plans, identifying production risks and reviewing costs down to a half-level basis. The team assessed the targets in context with global peer groups, provided long-term price forecasts for financial models, and evaluated downstream processing optionality and offtake agreements. SFA assisted a due diligence team in assessing nickel mines and projects across Australasia for strategic investment consideration.

Industry Challenges

The company also is investing in low-carbon energy technologies including solar, fuel cells, waste heat recovery, biomass and biofuels, he adds. Alarm about tailings ponds’ safety continue to grow in British Columbia, Canada, after the Imperial Metals-owned Mount Polley copper and gold mine reopened, a year after a dam failed at the site in August 2014. The breach sent millions of cubic metres of waste into the Quesnel watershed, destroying a 9km creek and putting salmon and a neighbouring community at risk.

  • It is coming up to three years since Birch retired from his role as head of natural resources at BlackRock in April 2009.
  • Supply problems in the industry has lead to widespread GPU shortages across the globe, which has been exacerbated by demand from cryptocurrency miners – in the first quarter of 2021 alone, crypto-miners bought around 700,000 graphics cards.
  • The Director General of Minerals and Coal has recently issued Regulation No 1348.K/30/DJB/2011, which deals with the pricing of coal for mine mouth power plants .
  • BlackRock leverages this data to provide a summed up view across holdings and translates it to a fund’s market value exposure to the listed Business Involvement areas above.
  • As a starting point, companies need to assess their carbon footprint to understand the drivers of emissions and identify opportunities for carbon reduction.

Probably more important though is the identification of an important number of mining operations with very high water-related production risk. This ground-breaking, forward-looking report analyses the trends and influences on the lithium market and battery technologies out to 2040. SFA works with value chain players to navigate green hydrogen opportunities, energy solutions, market risks and emerging zero-carbon technologies. SFA’s benchmarking of battery metal producers on material ESG factors generates high-resolution insights for sustainability-conscious investors. SFA has extensive experience assessing clients battery metal processing facilities and offtake options and supply chain offtake due diligence. SFA’s battery metals benchmarking is unrivalled, providing you with a detailed understanding of which assets are outperforming and those most at risk.

Global PGM Mine Depletion Assessment

The IEA estimates that, by 2040, recycled copper, lithium, nickel and cobalt from spent batteries could reduce demand for fresh extraction of these minerals by some 10% – good, but clearly not enough to save the day. Anglo American helped launch the Kellogg Innovation Network’s Mining Company of the Future development partner framework, a new collaborative approach to helping companies maintain their license to operate by strengthening local communities and reducing their environmental impact. It’s a long-term vision for the future and we’re very excited about it,” says Christian Spano, the company’s global leader for economic development. NGOs, organised labour, mining companies, and companies that buy mined materials, such as jewellers and electronics businesses, have been working together to create the standard, which will be applicable to all mines except those in the energy sector.


The study detailed the mining method and consequent workforce model employed on each new project and a comprehensive reference document was produced. The SFA team carried out a comparative analysis that provided a stark contrast of peer-group depletion rates both physically and economically (price-induced attrition). This depletion study clearly highlighted the quality of a producer’s assets that gives it an edge against acute industry depletion.

Quarterly Nickel Market Report and Prices Outlook

Adopting a big-picture mindset, the focus should be on raising standards in a way that encourages more of the right sort. But without doubt a much more collaborative mindset is needed on both sides – with enlightened activists working closely with enlightened miners – as a key plank of global climate action in the years ahead. The purpose of the benchmark report was to identify an existing standard that could serve as the most effective tool for managing a wide range of environmental and social impacts at industrial precious metals mines. While the report focuses primarily on gold mining, much of the analysis applies equally to a broader range of mined minerals, as well. The enormity of ensuring a just transition to Net Zero mining in Africa is beyond the capability and resources of an individual company.

The World Bank’s 500% mining benchmark growth projections are underpinned by a 2 degree scenario with a baked-in assumption that the low carbon technology mix remains unchanged over the next 30 years, for example. With mines taking a minimum of seven years to come online, a lack of investment now will translate to shortages in production down the line, yet upstream investment hasn’t matched commitments to battery and EV production, according to Benchmark Minerals’ Chief Data Officer Caspar Rawles. Gran Colombia Gold, a Canadian company with operations in Colombia, has implemented a supply chain-small miners initiative in a partnership with Chemonics /USAID to formalize more than 150 previously illegal artisanal mines that operate in the Gran Colombia Gold title. High-profile accidents and demands by environmental and consumer groups for more accountability are driving more companies to improve their practices. Last year saw mining catastrophes that prompted calls for action from community and environmental groups for more measures to eliminate large-scale accidents. Last month the company agreed to pay 20bn reais ($5.1bn) in damages to the Brazilian government as a result of the accident, which caused 17 deaths, including 12 people working at the dam.

Companies will need to continuously identify, invest in, and implement emerging and innovative low-carbon technologies to reduce emissions, while also trying to maximize broader environmental and social co-benefits for a just transition. The report articulated potential future outcomes for platinum group metals demand and primary and secondary supplies and economics, as well as the macroeconomic environment impacting on long-term metal prices. Provision of historical industry cost curve data analytics back to 2000, creating a level playing field for comparison.

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